compare web hosting companies

compare web hosting companies; 


If we were to compare these web hosting companies I would say that my personal favorite is fatcow.  There are some things about their C-panel that I like and it really makes it very easy for my clients to navigate their control panel.  If this was not an issue and I wanted to get a little more fancy with the performance I would then go with stable host.

I would choose webhostingpad if I was daring enough to get into a 5 year service plan at 1.99 witch I have done and still have 3 years on that server for my client.  But would I do it again? probably not.  Not because their service sucks or anything but because you should never buy over 2 years with a webhost no matter the incentive.  It just keeps them on their feet if you are only on a one year plan I think they will do more to impress you to stay.

I would put just host and blue host in about the same legue; they both have great deals and won’t burn you on re-signing up but just be sure to stay year to year with these guys and never buy your domain names from them.

Inmotion is the more professional choice I would use this if you plan to grow your company large.  They are much more pricey then the rest but they will treat you good and do anything to keep your business.

Ultrawebhosting is great for they provide many amenities witch are all needed to make this host a smashing deal  - if it wasn’t for these incentives we probably would not even stay with them anymore.

so here is my personal list.

2. stablehost
3. inmotion
31/2.  ultrawebhosting
4. just host
5. blue host
6.webhosting pad