Frank Bunny – An Awesome Thing To Be For Halloween

  • Posted: September 1, 2015 
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What should I be for Halloween?

If you are in need of ideas or some inspiration you need look no further than a movie called Donnie Darko.  In this movie there is a timeless character  named Frank The Bunny.  At first you might mistake him as the antagonist but soon you will find out that this demented alien bunnie has a much more exuberant role.  It’s a great character on its own to be for Halloween but if you get into the movie you will surely think this might just be the best character in the world.

There are many recreations out there of this character but none seem to get it right accept one seller on the net named Mothergalaxies.  She makes the best Frank The Bunny Recreation on the internet.
Frank the Alien Bunny

You can learn to make your own frank the bunny and follow these tutorials if you are the diy type.  Here are some great posts and how to’s to make your own frank.

These masks are not easy to make because of the ears.  masks in general are easier but when you add the bunny ears it just becomes difficult.

Frank the bunny has gotten quite the following by a cult like fanomania.  it’s for good reason on this one tho.  this is a timeless character and it will live on for the ages.

Amazon has a recreation of Frank the bunny but honestly it’s not worth the money if you ask me.

the ears flop and the mask actually doesn’t resemble frank at all.  It’s actually more like something you would see at some cheap halloween store but if you want the full suit and mask for cheap then that might be the way to go.   Just don’t get your hopes up and if you pay the full 300 I’m sure you will feel ripped off on quality.

Mothergalaxies mask is made with love and true appreciation for the character. so check her out at

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