How To Learn a Foreign Language In 3 Years Secrets on Learning Languages

  • Posted: February 15, 2013 
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Learning a foreign language in 3 years


How to learn a language in 3 years

The Real secretes of how to learn a foreign language.

—False promises on fast learning.  Impossible!
—Too little content
—Too narrow of content
—Way to little resources
—Require way too much short term memory
—Not enough diversity

Complete submersion


Hearing the language


Seeing the language


Writing the language


—This is probably the best and fastest way to learn a language.  Don’t confuse this with what Rosetta stone considers submersion.  I mean actually going to the country and being there completely cut off from any other form of communication.  In this state of being us humans kick into a sort of overdrive,  a kind of survival.  Learn the language or perish.
— This unfortunately is completely out of the question for most; so we are left with semi-submersion. Where for a certain set of time we completely surround ourselves with the language.  And I mean completely – written words, sounds, images, and props.  ( we will go into this in a bit)
—Pimsleur has this one down really good accept for one key element.  It takes the real human interaction form you.  You really will be lucky to hear a set of words said just like you hear them in these audio programs thus rendering them mostly useless if you use them as intended.  Instead use them for the submersion factor we spoke of earlier.
—A better from of Auditory learning would be talk shows, tv, radio, and audio books in the language you are trying to learn.

You do not learn a language by being disconnected from the world you are trying to reach in the first place.  What you need to see and hear is the words being said in the reality they are being spoken in.  trust me.  Watch some movies in that language, go have coffee at a place where people only speak that language.

Don’t worry about understanding any of it but really pay attention to the words and how they are said.  Say them out loud as they are saying them, say them in your head while pretending to move your lips in the way you would have to if you were actually saying the word.

Don’t worry about meaning of any of the words because meanings are abstract and only when you know the word fully can you really know it’s meaning.  I know this sounds weird and it’s actually the opposite of anything you have learned in school but I’m serious the meaning doesn’t mean shit if you can’t remember the word!  Soon if you use this technique and submerse yourself in all of these words you will wake up in the morning saying some word perfectly and not even know what it means …Only then is the time to find out what it means.  Soon you will start to remember dozens of words every day and you can learn their meanings and actually have a chance to remember them.


—.  Use them frequently and start to replace your original language vocabulary with these words.  If you are about to say apple and you know how to say it in that language than do so.  If you are speaking to someone then just pretend to say it if you don’t want them to think you are crazy or something.  Then go out and become really, really uncomfortable and use it!  Even if you know very little or you think you might massacre the word – USE IT or LOOSE IT.
—Watch tv in another language.
—Go to bars,cafes, lounges, restaurants, hang out spots where the language is spoken.
—Put yourself in situations where you have to speak the language at hand.
—Listen to radio, talk shows, or anything audio you can get your hands on while you sleep.
—Once you learn words use them in your every day vocab.
—Speak the words you learn out loud – don’t worry about pronunciation until much later.  ( you remember how cute kids are when they pronounce words wrong?  Well you will get the same reaction in your adulthood so it’s really not a big deal yet.

How To Learn a Foreign Language In 3 Years Secrets on Learning Languages

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