How To Remove Coupon Companion

  • Posted: February 6, 2013 
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How To Remove Coupon Companion

What is adware or malware, virus
What is Coupon Companion
What does it do?
How do they make money of this crap?
How did I get Coupon Companion?
How do I remove coupon companion?


What is adware or malware?

Malware or adware is basically a program that made it to your computer without your permission or tricked you into installing it.

The purpose is always simple!  Make money

Either by selling your information or by using cookies as a way to generate clicks.


What does it do?

›Coupon companion is very sneaky and what it actually does is makes money off your clicks on that add.
› There have been many different version of this malware but basically it puts itself all over any page it can in the form of a link and when you hover over it an add comes up.
› If you click on that add intentionally or not, it makes the creator money.

How did I get it?

›Coupon Companion can be voluntarily attached via the Coupon Companion website as an add-on
and extension published by 215 Apps called Coupon Companion staging, but Coupon Companion is known to change browser settings without consent and attach to a browser via a browser add-on, extension, or toolbar
›Coupon Companion also bundles with third party add-ons, extensions, plug-ins, and toolbars, as well as freeware, shareware, and torrent downloads alike similar coupon-based adware platforms.

How do I remove it?

›Download and install revo uninstaller
›Unintall it
›In chrome – Tools >Extensions
›In Firefox – Tools > Add-ons
›IE – Tools Manage add ons

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