Something about FatCow Web Hosting

  • Posted: May 9, 2012 
  • by krisdoce   -  
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Fatcow has been a good enough company for one of my clients for quite some time now but he’s now outgrowing it and we are planing a move. Once think I just noticed is that fatcow-hosting has no way to back up your entire site manually. This is important if you want to move your site – it makes things way easier. I’ve been backing up his site via ftp for some time now. They do have this available if you pay and extra $13 a year when most hosting companies have this for free. Just something to think about when considering what webhost to choose from.

Shared hosting is good enough for many people but once you outgrow it- be sure that the hosting company you chose makes this step as painless as possible. Regestering your domain with the hosting company is also a bad idea because it adds a very time consuming step when it comes time to move. Sure you might get your domain for free for as long as you host with the company or you might get your first year free but then after that you most always will end up paying about 20-30% more and have a problem when you need them to give you the release name.

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