web host comparison chart

web host comparison chart

You know all those host comparison charts?

Well are most of them full of shit?  I think so – they have websites like ipage at the top when it belongs not at the top.  I’m not saying ipage is bad but it’s not belonging on the top of those web host comparison charts.

Ipage pays out $105 to it’s affiliates for a commission; meaning if you click on the affiliates link via the chart they get the $105 commission (witch is their given right) it’s better than no one getting the  commission right?   He may be working hard and have a family of 6 to feed – it’s ok to help your fellow man but make sure that he has earned it.  Most people like I said just lay these comparison charts out and get traffic to them and they make money without providing a value.  Here on webhosting hunters I would like to be alot different.  Since we are having relations with these webhosts we sudgest here we can give you a real advice and not some empty list.


Also when you look at these charts most of them say unlimited and they vary very little from one and other and that is because most of these hosts that pay the big commissions know they are in competition with each other and try to have a one size fits all approach but be careful you might be paying too much for less power if all you need is something simple StableHost for instance; they don’t have an unlimited plan for some crazy cheap plan for 1.99 a month with unlimited everything but instead they give you a set amount of re-sources for about $4 a month and you can expect really reliable stable speed and functionality.   Now another place like Fatcow witch is good give you unlimited everything for about $3 a month but you don’t have anything dedicated for you so if there is all-of-a-sudden a burst in traffic in all of the other websites on the shared network your sites speed and functionality will reduce dramatically for that time being.

So there is a time when unlimited might be nice when the quantity is more important than quality.